Skimper McGrew Book Series Introductions
Along time ago before you were born, there lived a happy family man, Skimper McGrew, who lived with his warmhearted and adorable wife, Bonnibelle, in a small cottage in the braes of Scotland.
The Haggis Hunt:
One day, Skimper made plans to hunt for a haggis, a wee beastie found in those very braes of Scotland. Along came Skimper's friend, Shorty McGrorty, the big, big brother of Bonnibelle.

After eating a delicious breakfast, Skimper, Shorty, and Mac, the playful family Scottish terrier, took off to the braes to hunt for haggis. Along came Tricky MacDickie, a long time school friend of Skimper and Shorty, who unwittingly sabotages the hunting trip. Enjoy the adventure!

Camping at Loch Ness:
One day Skimper was making plans for the family to camp out at Loch Ness. Along came Shorty McGrorty and Tricky MacDickie. Tricky boastfully claimed he was a seasoned camper.

The lads set up camp and began talking about the Loch Ness Monster. They took a trip to the Loch Ness Museum. Then they went fishing. Early the next morning, Skimper discovered that someone had eaten their fish. Could it have been the Loch Ness Monster? Let's find out!

A Christmas Story:
It was the night before Christmas. There was a thump and a bump on the roof. Then, a red-suited man appears out of the fireplace in Skimpers home.

Santa is in trouble and asks Skimper and family to help. The adventure unfolds with a touch of Santa's Magic. A delightful Christmas tail centered around Santa and the McGrew family. This is a fun read!

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